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Symbols - Diode

Pn Junction Diode
A PN junction diode allows the current to flow only in forward bias condition. These diodes can be used in clipping and clamping circuits , as rectifiers in dc circuits etc.
Zener Diode
In forward bias condition, it acts as normal diode and allows current. It also allows current to flow in reverse bias condition when the voltage reaches a certain break-down point. Generally used in voltage regulator and over voltage protection circuits.
Photodiode detects the light energy and converts it into current or voltage by a mechanism called photoelectric effect. These are used in CD players , Cameras etc.
Light emitting diode is similar to PN junction diode but they emit energy in the form of light instead of heat. These are mostly used in indication , lightening applications.
Varactor Diode
Varactor diode is called varicap or variable capacitance diode. The capacitance of this diode varies according to the applied input voltage. This is used in frequency controlled oscillators , frequency multipliers etc.
Shockley Diode
This is a four layer diode. This had fast switching operation and hence is used in switching applications.
Schottky Diode
It represents Schottky diode. It has low forward voltage drop and it can switch rapidly. Used in voltage clamping, rectifiers, reverse current and discharge protection
Tunnel Diode
This is also known as Esaki diode.It can switch very fastly and can perform well in micro wave frequency range. This is used in oscillator circuits and micro wave circuits.
It consists of four layers of alternating P and N materials. They act as bistable switches and are used in circuits where high voltages and currents are involved.
Constant Current Diode
Also called as Current Limiting Diode or Current Regulating Diode. It limits the current to a specified maximum value.
Laser Diode
The laser diode is similar to light emitting diode. The active region is formed in intrinsic region in PIN structure. Laser diodes find its applications in laser printing, laser scanning etc.